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Individual Tutoring, $125 per session

We charge a flat rate of $125 per session. A session lasts 60-90 minutes depending on what needs to be covered. Our tutors can help a student understand 2-4 times as much material in a session as a normal tutor, making us the best return-on-investment in the Bay Area.

Small Group Tutoring, $50-$75 per session

While one-on-one tutoring is most effective, we also encourage small groups. It’s usually easy to get a group together because it’s never just one student who needs help! These are our group rates for a 60-90 minute session:

2 students: $150 ($75 per student)
3 students: $175 ($58 per student)
4 students: $200 ($50 per student)

ACT and SAT Tutoring

We charge a flat rate of $149 per session.

Why A Flat Rate?

We charge a flat rate per session because we find that students focus on the material better, rather than worrying about how long the session is taking. We limit our sessions to 90 minutes because the brain can’t maintain focus or process information very effectively after 60-75 minutes of intense learning. By the time 90 minutes arrives the brain is exhausted and learning becomes counterproductive. Our students are usually visibly tired after a session because of how much information they’ve just processed!

Our Guarantee

If a student or parent is not satisfied with the quality of the tutoring session, we will refund the session. (Max 1 session refund)

Referral Program

We will mail a $100 check to anyone who refers us a student who becomes a regular client. (3 sessions minimum)

Cancellation Policy

More than 6 hour notice – no charge
1-6 hour notice – half session billed
Less than 1 hour notice – full session billed