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Private tutoring


Individual tutoring
$125 per session

We specialize in private, one-on-one tutoring in math, biology, chemistry, and physics. Our expert tutors will work with you at your home or a local library, coffee shop, or other convenient location, which saves you the time, cost, and hassle of getting to a tutoring center.

Tutoring sessions last 60-90 minutes depending on how much information needs to be covered, how quickly the students is able to learn, and the mental endurance of the student.

We charge a flat rate of $125 per session.



$50-$75 per session

While one-on-one tutoring is most effective, we also encourage small group tutoring because forming a group can have tremendous benefits. We recommend limiting the group to 2-3 students who are close in ability in the class.

It’s usually pretty easy to get a group together because it’s never just one student in a class who needs help! The same 60-90 minute session length applies.

We don't structure our group rates the same way other tutoring companies do by charging nearly the same rate as for a one-on-one session. Instead, we only charge an extra $25 per student:

2 students: $150 ($75 per student)
3 students: $175 ($58 per student)
4 students: $200 ($50 per student)



All levels of math, biology, chemistry, physics, ACT, SAT

Our team can expertly tutor all levels of math, biology, chemistry, and physics from elementary school through lower division college courses, as well as all sections of the ACT and SAT. Occasionally, our tutors will work with students in upper division college courses if our tutor’s area of expertise matches up.


HIGHLY-TRAINED TUTORS & proprietary teaching methods

Every member of East Bay Tutoring’s team is recruited, interviewed, and trained by the owner. Joe’s tutoring credentials and teaching expertise are unmatched and his experience gives him the ability to select tutors with the perfect combination of skills and personality for the job. Joe hires his tutors as employees instead of independent contractors to ensure quality, reliability, and retention of great tutors. To learn more about Joe and our tutors visit our Team page.

Ever had a teacher you could learn things from instantly?  Ever had a teacher you hardly learned anything from the entire year?  There are superior ways to help students understand material and we use them.  We have distilled the latest, cutting-edge scientific research on teaching and combined it with our thousands of hours of first-hand experience to develop the best teaching methods available, including our proprietary Teach-Learn-Teach method. This is why we are the best return-on-investment for tutoring in the Bay Area.