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Private Tutoring


Individual Tutoring


$125 per session

Benefits of Individual Tutoring

East Bay Tutoring specializes in private, one-on-one tutoring in math, biology, chemistry, and physics. Whether a student missed class and needs to get caught up, received a bad grade and doesn't understand what's going on, or wants to ace exams and be at the top of their class, we strongly recommend booking an individual tutoring session with one of our tutors. Our tutors are experts in their subject areas, highly trained, and work with students and learning styles of all kinds. In a one-on-one session, we are able to quickly zero in on what a student is not understanding and help them get the grades they want.


  • Where: Our tutors will meet at your home or a local library, coffee shop, or other convenient location, saving you time, money, and the hassle of getting to a tutoring center.
  • How Often: About half of our students meet on a regular weekly basis, and others meet just before tests or quizzes.
  • Length: Tutoring sessions last 60-90 minutes depending on how much information needs to be covered, how quickly the students is able to learn, and the mental endurance of the student. Our average session lasts about 75 minutes. We charge a flat rate, not an hourly rate.
  • Any Time: We will tutor whenever the student needs us, including mornings and evenings.
  • Any Day: We tutor 7 days a week.
  • No Minimums: We don't require any minimum number of sessions.


Small Group Tutoring


$45-$75 per session

Benefits of Small Group Tutoring

While our tutors can best help a student in a one-on-one setting, we also highly encourage small group tutoring because it has many benefits:

  • Students are more likely to ask for help from others in the group when they don't understand something.
  • Students are more likely to teach others in the group, which increases their own understanding of the material.
  • Students often band together and meet outside of the tutoring sessions and class to study.
  • Students don't feel stupid or alone when they are struggling. Seeing others in the group struggle makes them realize it's not just them, and that if they all just work together they can get it.
  • A huge bang for the buck!

Because we want to encourage small groups, we structure our group rates differently than other tutoring companies, which charge nearly the same rate per student as a one-on-one session. Instead, we only charge an extra $25 per student, which quickly scales down our rates:

2 students: $150 ($75 per student)
3 students: $175 ($58 per student)
4 students: $200 ($50 per student)
5 students: $225 ($45 per student)

We recommend having 2-4 students who are relatively close in ability. If one student is trying to ace exams, while another is trying to just pass the class with a C, our tutor will have difficulty teaching material to both levels and one student will often feel as though the other hijacked the session. It’s usually pretty easy to get a group together because it’s never just one student in a class who needs help!


The same details as individual tutoring apply (above): we'll meet you any day, any place, any time, and the session lasts 60-90 minutes. Groups usually run much closer to 90 minutes because there are more students to help.


Subjects and Levels









High School

East Bay Tutoring is the Bay Area's premier math and science tutoring and test prep company for a reason: we only tutor math and science and we do it very well. We specialize in high school level courses in math, biology, chemistry, and physics, and tutor all levels.  There isn't a high school class our tutors can't handle expertly, including AP and Honor's level courses. We are like the tutoring paramedics: when a student has bombed their latest AP class exam and are having a meltdown, our Tutoring First Responders will quickly assess and stabilize the student and bring their grades back to baseline.

For a full list of the subjects and courses we teach, scroll down to the middle of our Home Page.

Elementary School and Junior High

While we specialize in helping high schoolers get back on track in their tough math and science courses, we are equally enthusiastic about ensuring that younger students develop good skills and have a solid foundation in math and science. Math is especially crucial because the concepts build off one another and accumulate rapidly year-to-year. If a student has any weaknesses in the foundations of solving equations, those weaknesses will evolve into patterns and then bad habits that will slow down the student and cause more errors when they are in high school and college.

Biology, chemistry, and physics are a bit less dependent on prior material. However, weak math skills can even negatively impact success in these courses!

Our tutors focus like a laser on developing the right problem-solving skills and making sure the student follows proper protocol for solving problems. We don't let students be messy in their work, or do work in their heads because they're too lazy to write it out. They have to earn the ability to take shortcuts and do work in their head by proving they've mastered the skills on paper first, and with high accuracy.

Community College, College, and University

There are few tutoring companies with tutors skilled enough to tackle college-level courses, but we have them. We work with students in introductory biology, chemistry, physics, and math courses. We also have some tutors currently in graduate school or with graduate degrees who can handle upper level college courses, so feel free to ask about them if you need help.


Team & Methods

 Joe Sweeney, Owner

Joe Sweeney, Owner


Joe Sweeney

B.A. Biochemistry, minor in Mathematics, Hamline University, GPA 3.92
M.S. Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley, GPA 3.87

Joe spent the first 26 years of his life studying complicated math and science, from biophysical chemistry to quantum mechanics. Since starting East Bay Tutoring he has done over 3,000 individual tutoring sessions. His education and first-hand tutoring experience have given him the expertise in math, science, and education necessary to develop the best teaching methods, which is what makes East Bay Tutoring the Bay Area’s premier math and science tutoring company. Joe takes pride in the quality of tutoring the company provides and he is responsible for recruiting and training the team.

From a town of 180 people in the north woods of Minnesota, and a former Minnesota state speech champion, Joe is very personable and professional. He keeps tabs on every student and sees to it that they receive the quality of instruction East Bay Tutoring promises to deliver.

Our Team

East Bay Tutoring's team is comprised of highly-trained graduates, post-doctoral fellows, Master’s, Ph.D.’s and exceptionally talented undergraduate students in biology, chemistry, math, physics, and engineering. Our tutors have studied: astrophysics, physics, chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, environmental studies, policy & management, mathematics, neuroscience, and molecular cell biology.

When it comes to tutoring, personality and character are equally important to expertise, so we only hire tutors with great personalities: personable, well-rounded, friendly, enthusiastic, and fun. Our tutors are great role models for younger students. Every member of East Bay Tutoring’s team is recruited, interviewed, and trained by Joe. They are hired as employees instead of independent contractors, which delivers higher quality, reliability, and retention of great tutors.

our Methods


Ever had a teacher you learned things from instantly?  Ever had a teacher you hardly learned anything from at all?  There are superior ways to teach material quickly and we use them. We have distilled the latest, cutting-edge and old school scientific research on teaching and combined it with our thousands of hours of first-hand experience to develop the best teaching methods out there, including our proprietary Teach-Learn-Teach method, which is by far the fastest way to get students to understand complicated material quickly. We are happy to explain what it is and how we use it during our tutoring sessions.

East Bay Tutoring's teaching methods were developed by Joe, who has spent thousands of hours tutoring. Perfecting teaching requires an understanding of how the brain works, careful observation, and trial and error to develop the optimal techniquies. Because every student learns differently, our methods are flexible and adaptable. Countless hours have been spent thinking about our interactions with students during tutoring sessions. We think about how to explain certain concepts. We think about what we write down on the paper. We think about how and where we write down things on the paper. We think about how to phrase things and what analogies to use, and we observe the student carefully to watch for cues that tell us if the material is being understood; in other words we even think about what the student is thinking.

Because we've put in so much time crafting our teaching methods and skills, we keep students after they meet with us (and we're often referred to their friends!).