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Team & Methods


Joe Sweeney
Founder & CEO

B.A. Biochemistry, minor in Mathematics, Hamline University, GPA 3.92
M.S. Chemistry, University of California-Berkeley, GPA 3.87

Joe spent the first 26 years of his life studying and mastering some of the most complicated math and science, from biophysical chemistry to quantum mechanics. Since starting East Bay Tutoring he has done over 3,000 individual tutoring sessions. His education and first-hand tutoring experience have given him the expertise in math, science, and education necessary to develop the best teaching methods, which is what makes East Bay Tutoring the Bay Area’s premier math and science tutoring company. Joe takes pride in the quality of tutoring the company provides and is responsible for recruiting and training the team.

From a town of 180 people in the north woods of Minnesota, and a former Minnesota state speech champion, Joe is very personable, professional, and quick-witted. He keeps tabs on every student and sees to it that they receive the quality of instruction East Bay Tutoring promises to deliver.

The Team

East Bay Tutoring is comprised of a team of highly-trained graduates, post-doctoral fellows, Master’s, Ph.D.’s and exceptionally talented undergraduate students in biology, chemistry, math, physics, and engineering. Our tutors have studied: astrophysics, physics, chemical engineering, chemistry, electrical engineering, computer science, environmental studies, policy & management, mathematics, neuroscience, and molecular cell biology.

Because personality and character are equally important for teaching, we only recruit tutors with great personalities: being personable, well-rounded, friendly, enthusiastic, and fun. We are fantastic role models for younger students.

our Methods

There are superior ways to teach different subjects in math and science, and we are on the frontier of developing them. The basic teaching methods of East Bay Tutoring were developed by founder Joe Sweeney, who has spent thousands of hours tutoring, and have been improved upon over time as a result of our mission to always provide the best instruction available anywhere. This requires an understanding of how the brain works, careful observation, and trial and error to develop the optimal methods for teaching and the best designs for courses. And because every student learns in a slightly different way, our methods are flexible and can be tailored to each student.

At the core of our teaching methods is our proprietary Teach-Learn-Teach method. We have discovered that it is by far the fastest way to get students to understand complicated math and science material. We are happy to explain what it is and how it is used during out tutoring sessions.

Countless hours have been spent thinking about our interactions with students during tutoring sessions. We think about how to explain certain concepts. We think about what we write down on the paper. We think about how and where we write down things on the paper. We think about how to phrase things and what analogies to use, and we observe the student carefully to watch for cues that tell us if the material is being understood; in other words we even try to figure out what the student is thinking. Hopefully it’s obvious why our logo is The Thinker.