Teaching Methods Matter

Ever had a teacher you learned things from instantly?  Ever had a teacher you hardly learned anything from?  There are superior ways to teach material and we use them. We have distilled the latest science-based, cutting-edge, and old-school scientific research on learning and combined it with our thousands of hours of experience in the field to develop the best teaching methods out there.  Our proprietary Teach-Learn-TeachTM method is a synthesis of the tried and true methods of Spaced Repetition, Active Recall, and Interleaving.

East Bay Tutoring's teaching methods were developed by owner Joe Sweeney, who has spent thousands of hours tutoring. Perfecting teaching requires a deep understanding of how the brain processes information, expertise in the subject matter being taught, careful observation, and trial and error that can only be gained through experience.

Because every student learns differently, our methods are flexible and adaptable. Countless hours have been spent thinking about our interactions with students during tutoring sessions. We think about how to explain concepts, what to write down, what order and where to write things down, and even which phrases and analogies to use. We observe each student carefully and watch for cues to tell us if material is being understood-in other words, we even think about what the student is thinking.

We often leave students and parents amazed by how much a student can learn in a single session. We have extremely high retention and referral rates because we've put so much time into crafting our skill.