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Private ACT and SAT tutoring
$149 per session

We offer private tutoring to prepare students for the ACT and SAT. We custom build each course based on the student’s needs, goals, timeline, and cost. You can schedule one session or multiple sessions for each section. One size does not fit all for these exams. It does not make sense to spend the same amount of time on all sections when the biggest score improvements can be made from the weakest ones. We ask a lot of questions before we begin, and adjust course as we go.

First, we focus on strategy, then on recognizing patterns and problem types, and finally on specific content. Many of the big test prep companies think they have the curriculum mastered, but we beg to differ. We use some unconventional strategies and teaching methods to get dramatic score increases and we incorporate our proprietary teaching methods into our test prep sessions.

The cost is $149 per session (approx. 90-minute session). No minimum number of sessions is required.