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The ACT & SAT have a big impact on college admissions. A good score can help a student with a lower GPA get into a better school, and a low score can hurt a student's chances of getting into a good school, even with a high GPA. The exams are tricky, but a good strategy, pacing, and pattern recognition are all that are required to do really well.

One size does not fit all for ACT & SAT prep. Students have strengths and weaknesses and should focus on certain material. That's why we don't offer a cookie-cutter, comprehensive test prep course that requires students to spend weeks of exhausting work going to classes, pouring over hundreds of pages of material, and working thousands of practice problems. We teach what needs to be taught and nothing more.

Individual Prep Sessions

Private,1-on-1, ACT & SAT Tutoring Sessions
$150 per session

We offer private tutoring to prepare students for the ACT and SAT. We custom build each course based on the student’s needs, goals, timeline, and cost. You can schedule one session or multiple sessions for each section. One size does not fit all for these exams. It does not make sense to spend the same amount of time on all sections when the biggest score improvements can be made from the weakest ones. We ask a lot of questions before we begin, and adjust course as we go.

First, we focus on strategy, then on recognizing patterns and problem types, and finally on specific content. Many of the big test prep companies think they have the curriculum mastered, but we beg to differ. We use some unconventional strategies and teaching methods to get dramatic score increases and we incorporate our proprietary teaching methods into our test prep sessions.

The cost is $150 per session (approx. 90-minute session). No minimum number of sessions required.

Test Prep Packages

Private, 1-on-1, ACT & SAT Tutoring Sessions


Cram Pack


4 Sessions
Strategy Guide
Strategy Coaching
Some Pattern Recognition Coaching



Mega Cram Pack


6 Sessions
Strategy Guide
Practice Test Analysis
Strategy Coaching
Pattern Recognition Coaching



Crush It Pack


8 Sessions
Strategy Guide
Practice Test Analysis
Strategy Coaching
Pattern Recognition Coaching
Some Content Coaching



Overkill Pack


16 Sessions
Strategy Guide
Practice Test Analysis
Strategy Coaching
Pattern Recognition Coaching
Content Coaching

Our Test Prep Philosophy & Details


One size does not fit all for test prep. Most test prep companies give every student a standard set of materials regardless of which sections the student needs the most help with. This is often a waste of time and money. There is no need to spend dozens of hours attending classes and working through thousands of practice problems. We customize and tailor our test prep sessions to students' needs and abilities by looking carefully at their strengths and weaknesses through the assessment of a practice test and by carefully observing them during our sessions.

That said, if a student hits a wall, we move to another section. For example, a student might begin to plateau in reading comprehension around a score of 25 on the ACT and getting a 27 would require a lot of work. Instead of spending a lot of time moving up 2 points in that section, we'll work on another section that has more potential for quick improvement, like bumping a 28 in the math section to a 30.

Bottoms Up

All students have strengths and weaknesses and it is important to focus on the weaknesses because a lower section score can be improved more easily than a higher score —on the ACT it's much easier to raise a 20 to a 25 than a 25 to a 30 in a section. We call this our "Bottoms Up" approach. It means we focus in like a laser on the low scores and keep raising them until a new weakness emerges, then we focus on the next hold-up.

It's the Strategy, Stupid

Because good strategy will lead to bigger test score jumps than teaching content, we focus on strategy coaching first. Most students are crunched for time on the exam and some kinds of questions take more time to analyze and solve than others. Without good strategy, students are often left bubbling in random answers during the last minute of the exam. This should never happen and with good strategy, it won't.

Practice, Correct, Repeat

Achieving a good score is not rocket science. The best way to improve test scores is to work practice problems, analyze incorrect answers, identify what went wrong and how to recognize that same type of problem next time. This is where our pattern recognition coaching comes in. The ACT & SAT have certain kinds of problems that pop up in every exam. Being able to recognize the patterns and problem types is the next best thing to good strategy.

And finally, content coaching is required to make it to the top of the score spectrum. If a student lacks basic skills in math, reading, or english, even with good strategy and pattern recognition abilities, a student will plateau at a lower score. With enough time, we are able to fill in content gaps to ensure the student possesses the ability to solve the different problem types on the exams.