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East Bay Tutoring specializes in private, in-home tutoring for math, biology, chemistry, physics, ACT, and SAT. Our tutors are smart, friendly, and excellent with students. We use cutting-edge teaching methods to help students learn material quickly. We have the most highly-trained team of math and science tutors in the Bay Area. 

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Like you'll ever have to solve math equations in the real world, right? Regardless of your penchant for problem solving, we can help you trudge, or fly, through any math class.


Finally, a subject that applies to the real world. But wait, you need to be good at algebra, geometry, and trig? We'll give you the momentum you need to get through.


Ew, Gross. Or Fascinating! Whether you want to be a Medical Doctor or don't give a hoot about how all your parts and pieces work, our tutors can help you make the grade.


Protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules, compounds, equations, oh my! A mix of concepts, memorization, and exceptions, we will keep you in the clear.

Act & SAT

Your future depends on these tests. Can you say stressful and unfair? We help students tackle these exams with confidence and skill. We custom tailor prep for every student.


Sometimes we have tutors with additional expertise who can help with other subjects. Right now we have expert tutors for AP Statistics and AP Computer Science!

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Stay calm.
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Help is on the way.

e.g. Trigonometry, Honor's Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, SAT Math & Verbal sections, Physics, etc.